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Certified Agripreneurship Program (CAP)
Certified Agripreneur Professional (CAP)  Training Program Registration and payment link -&...
Rishabh Dec 15 '21
Virtual CPE Meeting (VCM) on Management Accounting Insights -  Role of Chartered...
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (Set up by an Act of Parliament) Organised By: ...
Admin Nov 26 '21, 06:00PM
Agripreneurship in FPO Branding
Farmer Producer OrganizationsWe call them FPOs. They are positioned as growth drivers for Indian Agr...
Rishabh Oct 10 '21, 08:00PM
Agriprenuer Networking
Dear All We are soon launching webinar to help you connect. You all will get 2 minutes to introduc...
Admin Oct 2 '21, 04:00PM
Future of Education
Future of Education Special focus on Agripreneurship How to raise your child learning the fine a...
Rishabh Jun 11 '21, 07:00PM
Inroduction to LifeDekho Platform
Hi All, This will be 1Hour session to take you through ob-boarding and explain you features and fun...
Admin May 30 '21, 04:00PM
Ladakh Agripreneurs Meet @LifeDekho
Meeting Ladakh Agripreneurs  Masterclass on 1. Building Brand2. Value Chain 3. FPO S...
Rishabh May 25 '21, 10:00AM
MITCOM - Agripreneurship Essentials Session -3
LifeDekho – Agripreneurship Essentials for MITCOM Day 3 – 12th April – Monday – 1 pm to 4.30 p...
Rishabh Apr 12 '21, 01:00PM
MITCOM - Agripreneurship Essentials - Session 2
LifeDekho – Agripreneurship Essentials for MITCOM Day 2 – 10th April – Saturday – 1 pm to 4.30...
Rishabh Apr 10 '21, 01:00PM
MITCOM - Agripreneurship Essentials
LifeDekho – Agripreneurship Essentials for MITCOM Day 1 – 8th April – Thursday – 1 pm to 4.30 ...
Rishabh Apr 8 '21, 01:00PM

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Life Dekho is dedicated to organic farming to boost the productivity of farmers by connecting the stakeholders of ecosystem!

Its purpose is to extend knowledge and share best practices. So that we as a society can support in giving direction and growth to entrepreneurs exploring agriculture commerce!

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